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January 2006



Strong Words

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Chris De Luca utters some strong words about the move to deal Corey Patterson to the Orioles. Apparently he is not a Baker or Hendry fan for this move, blaming the organization for bringing him up too quickly and then using him incorrectly. What I don’t understand is his need for the closing statement in his column.

Maybe that half-season in 2003 was a fluke. Maybe the Cubs over-hyped Patterson, and he was doomed to failure. Maybe this is a trade that won’t come back to haunt the Cubs — though I doubt it.
But the bottom line is the Cubs — Hendry and Baker — gave up on the next Lou Brock.
Now there’s something that should not be tolerated.

Chicago Sun Times – 1/13/06

I agree that Patterson COULD come back to hurt us by performing well as a stick it to the man type of season. What I don’t understand is how De Luca can be so positive that this will happen, when everyone around the situation, who are actually employed in the game of baseball feel otherwise. When I defend Patterson and say that I think he’ll rebound this year, it’s simply my blue Cubs heart wanting and wishing it to be true. Now, it will be my heart that will hope that it doesn’t come true. One thing is certain to me though. If Patterson gets to Baltimore and shines to the point that he goes to the All Star game, Hendry and Baker need to quietly turn in their cell phones and move along.

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