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Backlash? What backlash?

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Well, I think my partners on this site feel intimidated and do not want to be the one that knocks my son off the top story. So, i’ll break the ice with a little snip that I found today while killing time at the hospital. While everyone in the CBA is ranting and raving about an article that was published today suggesting that Hendry and Dusty may be extended soon, I noticed an article that talks a little about what I mentioned about a week or two ago.

The story talks about the fact that Mark Prior is “peeved” about being involved in the discussions with the Orioles in an attempt to bring in Tejada.

Mark Prior is staying with the Cubs, although he’s peeved that they were willing to trade him to Baltimore.
The Orioles never came close to trading him, but they were besieged by telephone calls in the month since Tejada expressed his desire for a trade. At least eight teams made trade offers.

I mentioned earlier that perhaps this would be a motivation for Prior to step up his game in this next year and really show what he has. He has to understand that baseball is a business and that if his name was brought up, it was strictly business. Personally, I don’t think the trade was as close as people made it seem. I really do not think that Hendry would have parted with Prior or Zambrano. What happened, in my mind, was that Hendry was probably asking them what it would take, and they suggested Prior would need to be involved.

I feel that this incident will help Prior to be even more motivated this year. After bursting onto the scene as a legit starter in 2003, Prior has failed to equal his 2003 win total of 18 in the next two seasons. As he heads into arbitration years, I look for Prior to return to form. The knock on him was injuries, but aside from one actual pitching injury, Prior has been very healthy. 18 – 20 wins seems like a real possibility for this year, and we have Miguel Tejada to thank for that. Even if it isn’t due to his direct lineup production.