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January 2006



What is MacPhail thinking?

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Mike Kiley brought up the dreaded subject of contract extensions again today in the Sun-Times. It just baffles me how a team with a hundred million dollar payroll would want to make this kind of commitment with two executives who have questionable Chicago track records at best. What’s the hurry fer cryin’ out loud? Why not wait until some point in the season before making the moves?

When asked if Dusty and Hendry could get new contracts before the season started MacPhail responded: “It’s possible.” Further ellaborating he said: ”You know how I feel about the two of them…” It kinda makes me wonder if this is a fraternity or a business up on the North Side; if Andy MacPhail is willing to reward the kinds of performance we saw in 2004 and 2005 perhaps it is time for the Tribune to step in now and take a different route insofar as it’s front office exectives.