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January 2006



Case for Dawson

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Phil Rogers of the Tribune wrote a good column the other day that made a case for Andre Dawson’s induction into the Hall of Fame. When you look at Dawson’s numbers, I don’t see how he’s not already in there.

We saw him struggle against the San Francisco Giants in the championship series. Only his teammates and peers understood the daily battle he went through to get onto the field with knees that only an orthopedic surgeon could love. He had been born with good ones, of course, and still had them when he left Florida A&M in 1976. He destroyed them playing with reckless abandon on the concrete-like artificial turf at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

Maybe this wasn’t as tragic as the irreversible glaucoma that ended Puckett’s career in 1995, after 12 seasons. But there’s reason to give Dawson the benefit of the doubt in terms of his Hall of Fame candidacy.

No eligible player has ever collected as many hits (2,774) or RBI (1,591) without becoming a Hall of Famer