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December 2005



Took the words right out of my head

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The other day I was thinking about the Prior / Tejada trade. Well, let me rephrase that. Everyday I have been thinking about the Prior / Tejada trade, but the other day in particular, I thought about something that I thought was insignificant at the time. However, now that I see someone else thinking it too, maybe i’m not crazy for thinking it. Mark Prior is young and is a true competitor. He understands baseball and plays to win. With that being said, if we hold on to him and play Cedeno at short, like I mentioned, maybe Prior’s competitive juices will kick in hard this year to prove everyone in the organization wrong. Maybe this year is the year he goes crazy and wins 20. Mike Kiley of the Sun Times says something similar:

He is competitive enough to believe his best days are ahead of him and to feel challenged by the very idea the Cubs would think he was expendable in any deal. While he hasn’t reached his long-predicted Cy Young form, that remains a realistic goal….But he also is positive he is better than his career numbers of 41-23 with a 3.24 ERA. Prior expects to be good enough this year to possibly win 20 if everything falls in place.

A quick request for all you readers out there. I could use a few things from you, via the comments section.

1. Know of any good baseball sites that we do not have listed in our links? Preferrably reference type of sites.
2. Know of any great baseball reads that we do not have listed?
3. Know of any contests you would like to see this summer? I have a prize I have been dying to give away.