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December 2005



Okay Santa Claus is finished

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Oh well, he didn’t bring me a new manager or GM, nor did he give Corey Patterson one-way airfare out of Chicago as I’d hoped. But sometimes Santa brings gift certificates – you have to wait until after Christmas to get your goodies 🙂

Len Kasper said in Joe Aiello’s interview that he thought Corey was going places and he also said that he felt Hendry had one more blockbuster deal up his sleeve. Since the 2005 team is largely assembled I don’t think there should be any sense of urgency insofar as the blockbuster trade is concerned – Hendry should watch his wallet and make sure he doesn’t get his pocket picked.

And you know, the more I thought about the Tejada/Prior rumors, the more common sense told me that you *never ever* trade a quality pitcher for a quality hitter. Unless Baltimore includes Bedard in that deal I really don’t think the Cubs should risk moving Prior.

So where do we go from here?

At this stage Hendry should look for a three-way deal with someone (OAKLAND) who wants to dump salary and will trade a big name player (ZITO) for Hill and Pie; then we can turn around and send the guy we get (ZITO) with Cedeno for Tejada. OR, we can keep Cedeno and move some other young players for a quality starter.

And of course we should send !@#$ing Patterson on his merry way for a decent righthanded-hitting outfielder to platoon (more or less) with Jones in right.

Perhaps there is still hope for the Cubs in 2006 – with Hendry and Baker out of their comfort zones and managing like their jobs are on the line….who knows? Crazier things have happened.