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December 2005



Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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Things were looking pretty good, the Bears D was playing smash-nose defense, it was 9 degrees in Soldier Field – it was so cold it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey. And the Bears were ahead! Then all of a sudden Bears head coach Lovie Smith did the unthinkable – he signalled to Rex Grossman and told him to get ready for the second half. It was almost like Wilford Brimley in ‘The Natural’ telling Robert Redford to “suit up.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Smith was quoted as saying: “I just felt we needed a spark…the defense was playing well. Rex was ready to go. He had that look about him. It was a gut feeling, and we went with it.”

Well Lovie I hope you have a few more gut instincts; any way you could talk to that fella over on the North Side that manages the Cubs?