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December 2005



Tuesday is non-tender day

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Now we all know that Hendry has said that he would offer !@#$ING PATTERSON arbitration instead of non-tendering him. But is it bluff, bravado or stupidity? Or will he swing a trade with a club that has a similar non-tender player? According to here are the people likely to be non-tendered: MIL: (RP Danny Kolb, 3B Russell Branyon,) SEA: (RP Gil Meche, RP Ryan Franklin, IF Willie Bloomquist,) LAD: (C Jason Phillips, 1B Hee-seop Choi,) ATL: RP Jim Brower, BAL: C Geronimo Gil, CHW: IF Willie Harris, WAS: (IF Junior Spivey, IF Henry Mateo,) CIN: SP Ramon Ortiz and MIN: SP Kyle Lohse. I’m sure there will be many others.

So now that Hendry has played his card, why doesn’t he trade Patterson to Cincy for Ortiz or trade him to the Twins for Lohse? Perhaps he can bluff his way into unloading Corey’s contract on one of these teams and pick up another pitcher. Will either of these guys compete for a starting job? Probably not, but I’d much rather see their names on the 40 man than Corey’s.