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December 2005



Dueling Idiots

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There are days when I get frustrated with the Cubs organization. I get tired of them not making moves when they need to make a move. I get tired of them making a move that didn’t need to be made. Then, I am reminded of the other teams that are in our division and realize that maybe it isn’t so bad after all. Let me give you just one quick example from some of the teams we are competing with.

1. Pittsburgh – Not only do they not have any money to spend, they do not see to know where to spend the little money they have. They haven’t been in serious contention since Sid Bream hobbled around 3rd and slid under the tag to send Atlanta to the World Series back in the early 90’s. There is no reason we can’t pummel them each and every year. So that leaves four teams for us to worry about, right? WRONG!!!!

2. Cincy – This team has had four above average outfielders for two years now and has just NOW figured that maybe they should either make room for them all or move one. Unfortunately they chose to move their most popular player, Sean Casey, to do it. Why not move Kearns or Willy Mo? Or even Griffey who is coming off a resurgence? The world may never know, but what I know is that we do not need to worry about the Reds.

3. Houston – Smart move guys. Let’s let the best pitcher on our team walk away after he posts an ERA in the 1’s. Houston has taken a major step down and they will not be back again this year. Then that brings us to the biggest bunch of fools.

4. Milwaukee – These guys make the redneck in the picture look like he’s intelligent, despite spelling Reckon wrong. Milwaukee traded their closer, Danny Kolb to Atlanta last offseason. Atlanta was looking to non tender him this year, but Milwaukee decides that maybe they made a mistake and trade back for him. Now, what are they going to do?

The Brewers aren’t close to working out a contract with Danny Kolb, who will be non-tendered on Tuesday.
He was set to be non-tendered from the moment he was acquired 10 days ago, but the Brewers hoped to have an agreement in place, allowing them to re-sign him the next day. Instead, it looks like Kolb will go out on the open market. Dec. 18 – 3:18 am et
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Some may say that Kolb will be resigned at a lower price and that this was a smooth move by the Brewers. However, do you think Scott Boras was born yesterday? He knows what Milwaukee is trying to do. I bet any money he shops this guy around and Milwaukee gets burned.

So in all, we only have one team we really need to worry about? That’s the way I see it.