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December 2005



Some things will stand the test of time

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“The feeling Iíve had since I got the call is a feeling I suspect will never go away. Iím told it never does. Itís the highest high you can imagine. I wish you all could feel what I feel standing here. This is my last big game. This is my last big at-bat. This is my last time catching the final out. I dreamed of this as a child but I had too much respect for baseball to think this was ever possible. I believe it is because I had so much respect for the game and respect for getting the most out of my ability that I stand here today. I hope others in the future will know this feeling for the same reason: Respect for the game of baseball. When we all played it, it was mandatory. Itís something I hope we will one day see again.

Thank you, and go Cubs.”

I’ve probably watched the speech ten times now but it still moves me. A speech from a guy who never wanted the limelight, talking about the one thing he loved and knew about. In the years ahead as a manager of people I will play this tape for my employees – it’s about as clear a statement as I know of why we should respect what we do and try to do the best we can.

If you want to hear it again you can go here and click on “video of address”