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Jermaine, we hardly knew ye

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I want to go on record and wish Jermaine Van Buren the best of luck with the Boston Red Sox. Jermaine is going to have a breakout year for the Sox as a seventh inning guy and I sincerely hope (but doubt) that we will receive equal value back in return.

Jermaine has proven himself at every level for the Cubs. He was West Tenn’s stopper in 2004, compiling 21 saves and an ERA in the low 2’s before being called up to Iowa. During 2005 Jermaine became the Iowa Cubs best-ever closer, recording 25 saves and a 1.98 ERA before being called up to Chicago.

Jermaine was called up to Chicago on August 29th; between that date and the end of the season in early October Jermaine was handed the ball for just six innings – his ERA was a respectable 3.00.

I’m almost to the point of saying the Cubs should just trade all their prospects except the “can’t miss” guys like Prior and Zambrano. It’s pointless to develop these guys when all we’re going to do is trade them away! Hendry shows very little inclination (or ability) to develop young players, preferring instead to use them as pawns in trades for older players. And when he does bring them up Dusty Baker won’t play ’em. Best of luck Jermaine, some of us will miss you!

PS: One off-topic remark – the Nashville Predators improved their record tonight to 16-4-3. Mastrick thinks the rest of the NHL had better wake up and smell the coffee.