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The latest on Furcal

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This one just came in fresh off the wire from

Rafael Furcal’s agent, Paul Kinzer, met with both the Braves on Tuesday and a associate met with the Dodgers. Kinzer said Furcal would likely decide between those two teams and the Cubs by Monday.

Kinzer’s meeting with Atlanta didn’t seem to go very well. He said the Braves have bettered their original offer, now offering at least a guaranteed fourth year. Still, it’s unlikely they’ve come all that close to the offers from the Cubs and Dodgers. Fortunately for Atlanta, Furcal still may choose comfort. “It has never been about the money,” Kinzer said. “If it had been, the Braves and Cubs would have been [out of the running] already. There were at least three teams from major markets that would have gone higher than the Braves and Cubs.” For what it’s worth, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution believes he’s leaning toward joining the Cubs. Nov. 30 – 1:01 am et

So I guess I’d better get used to the idea of Furcal at short and Neifi at second…