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November 2005



Belated Welcome

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Back in the saddle after a harrowing week at my brotherís hospital bedside. He suffered a massive heart attack last week but is doing better now. Details can be found on Blessings & Other Stuff.

Thatís why it has taken me so long to welcome our newest VFTB colleague, Mark (aka ìMastrickî). No longer am I the newbie of the group and gone is the status of being the elder statesman of the brotherhood.

For some reason, I thought you were European, Mark. Have you ever used the word ìarse?î

Now, regarding the Cubs.


I think Hendry is doing a good job so far. Both Eyre and Howry will solidify a bullpen that needed some work. We now have a bridge between starter and closer that should hold the weight of a major league season.

As for Chrisí comments on Corey and our outfield. I have come around to the consensus that Patterson is a lost cause. But two things bother me a bit. Chris, you said Corey was ìThe worst overall outfielder on a team that played the likes of Jeromy Burnitz and Todd Hollandsworth in 2005.î I think you could have made your point without trashing Jeromy and Todd. And although Hollyís production was not to his standards, Jeromy did fine. Why trash these guys?

My other thought while reading the Corey pieces from all you guys is that while Patterson is justifiably berated for not listening to his coaches and an unwillingness to adjust his approach to hitting, I rarely find any mention of the same as it relates to Kerry Wood and his unwillingness to adjust his mechanics. He seems to get a pass whereas Corey does not.

What say you?