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Brian Giles

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The Blue Jays made what were described as “significant inroads” over the weekend in their pursuit of Brian Giles, a person familiar with negotiations told The Globe and Mail.
The Jays will announce the signing of B.J. Ryan today and they still hope to add either A.J. Burnett or Giles. “We’ve had a number of conversations with the Blue Jays and all of them have been positive,” agent Joe Bick said. “But the truth is we just found out last Wednesday that there was no chance of getting anything done with the San Diego Padres and now we’re moving forward and looking at our other options. Toronto’s one of them.” Nov. 28 – 3:50 am et
Source: Toronto Globe and Mail

Why aren’t the Cubs interested in this guy? He’s available for the same money Furcal is and he has a propensity to crush balls in Wrigley. Last year his OPS was over .900 and it’s rumored that he just wants a three year contract. Furcal on the other hand is a shortstop (we don’t really need one) and it will be harder to find a bopper like Giles than a leadoff hitter. I don’t know what Hendry’s smokin’ but I want some.