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Thanksgiving Day Nuggets

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Let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers. I hope your day is one of rest and thankfulness, with a hint of the three F’s: Family, Food, Football. I thought i’d give you a few little nuggets to chew on as you wait for the big meal.

Furcal Update
Apparently there are four major players in the Furcal sweepstakes: Atlanta, NY Mets, Dodgers, Cubs. Los Angeles has just entered the race, which lessens the Cubs chances to 25% if you look at it as a straight probability problem. Obviously there are other factors, but the point is, the more teams that show interest, the more the Cubs are going to have to make themselves the overwhelming favorite. Judging on the past, and the Pierre rumor, I don’t see it happening. Pierre tells me that Hendry is looking elsewhere for his leadoff hitter and if Furcal comes, great. That’s the usual attitude toward Free Agents and it really needs to change.

Josh Beckett Deal not done?
So word out of the Boston Herald has the Josh Beckett deal not quite done. Apparently the Red Sox are not completely sold on the idea of Beckett being shut down last year due to shoulder issues. They have until 6pm today to finalize the deal or it becomes void. Now, obviously that doesn’t mean anything, because the two sides could begin to negotiate once again until something is reached. It just makes me laugh that the Red Sox fans, my favorite fans in the world, went crazy with joy over this deal like Beckett was the second coming of Pedro. Now, the deal may not happen. Nothing would make me happier than to see the stupid Red Sox get a lemon and have Beckett be a total bust.

Matt Clement Coming to Chicago?
Not quite that exciting, but he could possibly be spotted there quite frequently this summer if a rumored trade of Clement to Milwaukee for Lyle Overbay takes shape. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has that little nugget at the bottom of their article on the Brewers agreeing to terms with catcher Chad Moeller. I’d like to see this move because it means that I would be able to see one of my favorite former Cubs on TV more often. Come to think of it, I have the MLB package, so I guess I could have seen Clement any time I wanted, but something about watching the stupid Red Sox makes me cringe.

Mets going crazy
Enter Carlos Delgado. Potentially enter: Billy Wagner, Alfonso Soriano, Rafael Furcal. Where are they getting this money? I went to Shae last year and let me tell you, the tickets were not expensive. The stadium was not full. That is the stuff that brings revenue, so where is it coming from? Maybe my boy Steinbrenner secretly has stakes in both teams and has found a way to try to win in both leagues. That would be hysterical. It would be as if he joined the same fantasy baseball league two times with a different e-mail address in an attempt to increase his chance of winning it all.