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November 2005



I hear things sometimes

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Hello everybody. A little birdie tells me that Rafael Furcal will be remaining in Atlanta, which makes it almost imperative that Hendry trade for Juan Pierre. Or, at the very least sign Kenny Lofton; I like this idea because Lofton would give us 1-2 more years to develop Felix Pie. Last time we brought a centerfielder up too early it didn’t work out so well…

I also hear that the Cubs are in serious talks to obtain RP Bob Howry, who had a very impressive year for Cleveland. The Indians are likely to offer Howry arbitration, which means that the Cubs would have to give up a top draft pick were they to sign him…

Note From Chris:
The Cubs 1st round draft choice is in the top 15 (13, I think) this year, and is thus protected from being lost as compensation for signing another team’s free agent.