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And on an unrelated note

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Last night I was watching a hockey game between two of the sport’s finest teams, the Detroit Red Wings and the Nashville Predators. Most of you know by now that Detroit’s Juri Fischer suffered what has been described as a “seizure;” CPR was administered and allegedly the defibrillator was used to revive Juri Fischer.

It reminded me of a dark day in my childhood, when Detroit Lions receiver Chuck Hughes went up for a pass against the Bears defense; he got hit and never got up. Reports later indicated that there was a problem with Chuck’s heart, one that turned out to be fatal. Juri Fischer apparently had an enlarged heart, a condition that was discovered a few years ago, a malady that apparently reared it’s ugly head in tonight’s contest. Why is it that so many of today’s athletes seem to be having respiratory abnormalities?

It reminded me that all these contests, these games we follow so passionately are just games. The same games we played as kids, just on a larger scale in front of more people. My thoughts and concerns go out to Juri, the Fischer family, Avery, the Red Wings organization and fans. For this fleeting moment in time we are all Red Wings fans.