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November 2005



Paired in Fame, Joined in Shame

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A rather ominous sign that Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro are not long for the world of Major League Baseball: neither player can be accessed through the ìCurrentî player search engine for FOX Sports.


It seems that these diametrically different personalities are meeting a similar fate. This happened this weekend as the Baltimore Orioles cut loose the once-vaunted dynamic duo following abysmal seasons on and off the field.

raffy sammy 2

Their lives and careers have taken a surprising number of parallel turns. Both played for the Cubs, Rangers and Orioles. Both grew up poor and Latin, Palmeiro from Cuba and Sosa from the Dominican Republic.

raffy sammy 3

Each player amassed career statistics that are on any given day worthy of Cooperstown. But on March 17, the two sat at the same table facing down Congressional queries regarding steroids. Palmeiro was eloquent and passionate. Perhaps too much so. Sosa just looked like a blathering idiot, faking a sudden loss of coherence and articulation.

Once paired in glory, Sammy and Raffy are now conjoined in shame in a pathetic end to careers and reputations that could have and definitely should have finished better.