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November 2005



In Defense of Carrie Muskat

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On October 21, Joe posted an article with relation to Joe Girardi. In the comments section an unrelated series of opinions surfaced regarding Carrie Muskat and her journalistic integrity. I found the opinions to be somewhat libelous and so I wrote Miss Muskat for her side of things. Today I heard back from her.

First of all, here are a couple things said about her.

ìThe Cubs website is currently sporting an article entitled ‘back to basics for Patterson.’

I translate this propaganda to mean that the Cubs have flown Corey down to Arizona on an all expenses-paid trip to see his younger brother Eric play in the Arizona Fall League. I am also curious as to which Atlanta area bar the ‘baseball camp’ will be conducted in – surely they aren’t going to let Corey Patterson teach young kids the fundamentals of baseball!

I usually appreciate Carrie Muscat’s articles but this one was pure horse-hockey. It makes me wonder if she’s on the take.î

Then we have this comment from another person.

ìSince the Cubs pay her salary, I’d say she’s definitely on the take. Pravda was more objective during the Soviet years than Carrie is now.î

These are pretty serious charges. Ones that usually command some sort of verification before being lodged. After all, Miss Muskatís professional reputation is at stake.

Her reply to this tripe is short and to the point:
ìfor the record, Patterson went to Arizona on his own. And I am not paid by the Cubs.î

Letís be careful out there, guys. An apology would be nice, donít you think?