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November 2005



Quote From Rose

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I know that Pete Rose is a hot topic at all times in baseball, but the premise of my post today is actually not really about Pete himself. Having just finished his book, I ran across a quote that made me laugh. The book itself is actually a very good read. It is one that I actually would recommend if you’re looking for a new baseball book to pick up from the bookstore. The quote has to do with Rose making his case that he never fixed a game and that he never bet on his own team. He talks about how it would be too hard to fix a game due to all the cameras and analyzing that goes on. He talks about how the days of the Black Sox, where players take money to throw ballgames are long gone. Here is the quote that I found funny:

It might seem easy to do. A manager might pull a pitcher an inning too soon or leave him in the game an inning too long. He might take the bat out of a hitter’s hands by calling for a bunt or a take. He might call for a hit and run at a risky time or pitch-hit against the wrong pitching matchup. He might even try to steal against a catcher who has a rocket arm. Hell, I reckon there’s a bunch of ways for a player or manager to try and tank a ball game – all of which would be obvious to the rest of the team. You see, people aren’t stupid and neither am I. Management, players, and fans would see right through that kind of thing in a heartbeat. It would destroy any credibility the player or manager might have.

My question then is this: If it’s so easy to see when a manager is tanking, why has not one higher up type of person called Dusty Baker out? He has done all of the above numerous times. Perhaps he’s raking in money hand over fist as he bets against the lovable losers.