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Yeah, I’m still here. I was trying regain my sanity, by not thinking about the Cubs for a while. But of course, they’ve decided to goad me into ripping them again, this time by announcing that Dusty Baker’s entire coaching staff will return for 2006. The team that was 28th in the league in walks is keeping its hitting instructor. The team thats “great” pitching seems to be regressing before our eyes (15th in ERA, 6 most HRs allowed, 7th most walks issued) is keeping its pitching coach. And a team that couldn’t get down a bunt, defend a suicide squeeze or remember the signs is keeping all of its base and position coaches. Which means that if Jim Hendry doesn’t think there is anything wrong with the coaching staff, then he must be preparing to overhaul the roster this offseason. And if he doesn’t do that, then he’s basically saying that this mediocrity is all right.

Speaking of mediocrity, I’d settle for that from the Chicago Bears right now. Jerry Angelo is vying for the title of most incompetent General Manager in Chicago. Prior to 2004, Angelo signed Thomas Jones to be the Bears featured running back. This year Angelo second guessed himself and spent the 4th pick in the draft on a running back, Cedric Benson. Now Benson can’t get on the field because Angelo may have actually been right about Jones in the first place. And I’m all for depth, but in an offense that features one legitimate NFL receiver, using that 4th pick on a wide receiver sure seems like a good idea now. Especially since our receivers are so bad that Mark Bradley, a rookie drafted as a project in the 2nd round is now starting. And then there’s the kicking situation. Angelo had been trying to run Paul Edinger out of town since he got here. Edinger finally obliged him with a lousy 2004 season and Angelo signed Doug Brien. Brien made 1 of 4 field goals and was released yesterday. Finally, the fact is, Jerry Angelo came to Chicago in 2001, and watched a team that he had very little to do with putting together go 13-3. He then decided to rip it apart and rebuild it, and the Bears haven’t had a winning record since. Oh, and let’s not forget Jerry’s insistence that no quarterback should be brought in to compete with Rex Grossman in each of the last two years. How does this guy still have a job?

Anthony posed an interesting question the other day, and I’ve been thinking about the answer for a while. Am I rooting for the White Sox? I guess there are several things to consider. Civic pride? Well, it’d be nice if a Chicago team won another championship before we all die. But what about Sox fans? Seemingly every time I switch on the TV, some loudmouth in black and white is telling me that they don’t want Cubs fans supporting the Sox. Of course not all Sox fans are like this. One of my best friends is a Sox fan, and he doesn’t seem to wish any harm to the Cubs (of course, that could be because he’s removed from the fray after living in Oklahoma for several years). Also, my mother is a White Sox fan, and she reads this, so I’ve got choose my words carefully here. I decided that the best way to figure out how I felt about the White Sox was to watch their first game against the Angels and see how I reacted. And this is it: I don’t care. Honestly. I never felt nervous during the big situations, I never pulled for the Sox to make a comeback, and I didn’t feel particularly good when the Angels won the game. I think the Cubs lousy season may have given me a bad case of baseball apathy.

Check back with me in November.