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September 2005



Thru Cub Eyes: Kerry Wood

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With this being the last Friday of the regular season, this feature ends as well. But look for special editions at times over the winter. You never know if or when another excerpt from Carrie Muskatís fine compilation Banks to Sandberg to Grace will pop up. Thank you Ms. Muskat for allowing this series to run, Joe for his support and the encouragement from all of our readers, even Drew the Shrew.


The only pitching coach I ever had was my dad. He started me with my mechanics. I had pretty strong mechanics, even as a young pitcher. My mechanics never got messed with. Theyíre still pretty much the same now as they were when I was younger. I never really had a pitching coach try to change my mechanics. The arm strength is just God-given, so you go from there.

I like strikeouts. They give you a little rush of adrenaline. And thereís days when I go out and get 27 ground balls if I can. But the days you go out, and you feel good, and you have good stuff, and you go 0-1 or 0-2 on a hitter ñ those are good days.

Iíve seen the film of the game against Houston. I canít believe itís me, just from the control standpoint. Itís just that day, that particular day, I was getting the calls, I was getting some breaks. A lot of luck was on my side. Everything had to work a certain way. Guys were swinging at bad pitches. I was getting borderline calls. The control was just there. I canít explain it. It pretty much came out of nowhere.

What would I be doing if I wasnít playing baseball? Thatís a pretty good question. I probably wouldnít be doing anything. Iíd be living with my parents, theyíd be supporting me. I wasnít big on school. I hated school. Iíve only got one talent. Fortunately, it worked for me. Iíve had success with it, and Iím going to ride it as long as I have it.