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Flawed Logic

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Jeff Vorva of the Daily Southtown has a piece in Thursday’s sports section that states that Dusty Baker, when asked about what he would desire for next year’s team stated that he would like to see the Cubs bring in some good men. He states that playing at Wrigley during the day as the Cubs do for so many of their games is “conducive to clean-living guys with families rather than single guys who like to hang out.”

After reading the full article, I came to the conclusion to Dusty is just, once again, making excuses for his lack of managerial prowess. I did a quick look at the Cubs media guide and found the marital status of the Cubs players to see what type of team we had this year. Here is what I found.

Married Players
Ryan Dempster
Nomar Garciaparra
Jerry Hairston
Will Ohman
Mark Prior
Glendon Rusch
Kerry Wood

Married with Children (# of Children)
Michael Barrett (1)
Hank White (2)
Joe Borrowski (1)
J. Burnitz (3)
Chad “Mr. Sly” Fox (3)
Latroy “The King” Hawkins (2)
Todd Hollandsworth (2)
Derrek Lee (1)
Greg Maddux (2)
Aramiz Ramirez (1)
Mike Remlinger (2)
Todd Walker (2)
Scott Williamson (1)
Carlos Zambrano (2)

Eligible Bachelors
Jason Dubois
Mike Fontenot
Jon Koronka
Jose Macias
Sergio Mitre
Roberto Novoa
Corey Patterson
Todd Wellemeyer
Mike Wuertz

Now, when I look at that list, I see that 70% of our guys are at least married. Of the guys that are not married, only 1 is a regular starter. So everyday, we are marching 8 of 9 guys out their that are married men. If Wrigley is more conducive to married guys with families and not partiers, then why did the Cubs struggle so badly? Perhaps, and I could be wrong on this, it’s not a matter of partying, but rather talent. I have a hard time believing that if we were to bring in a guy like Derrek Jeter or David Wells, two known partiers, that they would be terrible pickups. It goes deeper than that. Dusty simply does not do a very good job preparing his club for success.