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September 2005



A Little Hope (very little)

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This is for those Cubs fans out there still holding on to the slim hope that our boys may yet pull out some kind of playoff appearance. Last Friday, TJ Brown came up with the following guide to a scenario that would allow the Cubs to win the Wild Card. Here it is below, starting with last Friday’s games:

“Now, I’m not saying this is possible, but…

2-1 at MIL
2-2 vs. FLA
2-1 vs. MIL
3-1 at PIT
0-3 at Cubs
0-2 at the Stl
2-2 vs. the Cubs
Final Record: 86-76

1-2 at Philly
2-2 at Hou
2-1 vs. Philly
1-2 at NY
1-2 at ATL
2-1 vs. Nats
2-1 vs. ATL
Final Record 86-76

2-1 vs. Fla
2-2 vs. Braves
1-2 at Florida
2-1 at Chip’s place
3-0 at Cincy
2-1 vs the Mets
1-2 at Nats
Final Record 86-76

1-2 vs. Braves
2-1 at Mets
2-1 at Padres
3-0 vs. Giants
3-0 vs. NY
1-2 at Florida
2-1 vs. Philly
Final Record 86-76

3-0 at Stl
1-2 vs. Nats
3-0 vs. Braves
2-1 vs. Fish
0-3 at Nats
1-2 at Phils
4-0 at Rockies
Final Record 84-78

1-2 vs Houston
3-0 at Ariz
1-2 at Houston
0-3 vs. Cubs
3-0 vs. Cards
4-0 vs. Reds
3-0 at Pittsburgh
Final Record 84-78

And then, the Cubs
2-1 at SF
3-0 vs. Reds
3-1 vs. St. Louis
3-0 at Milwaukee
3-0 vs. Houston
2-0 vs. Pirates
2-2 at Astros
Final Record 87-75

Things were actually going quite well until yesterday, when the Cubs were the first team to deviate from the formula by losing to the Reds (and Aaron Harang!). So now the Cubs have to pick up an extra win somewhere, against either Houston or St. Louis. Good luck boys, you’re going to need it.