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September 2005



Keep wearing your Cubbie Blue

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The recent Cub hot streak has put the Cubs at 71-72. I cringe when I think I had given up on them, but I think for about a week in late August that I did. It is now time to renew my enthusiasm and, though the number of things that have to go their way is ASTRONOMICAL, there is still a dim hope. My job as fan is to hope, and it is in times like these that we Cub fans should be able to perservere. Given all of our losing seasons, our history of frustration, to not be able to put your heart behind these Cubs, flawed as they are.

It’s like they’re down 7-1 in the 8th. Dodger fans would be heading for their cars. They’ve still got 6 outs to go; if they hit enough and the opposition sucks enough, there’s time to come back. Maybe Dusty and the Trib don’t deserve to hear our loudest cheers now, but Matt Murton and D-Lee and Nomar and Prior and Z do. I’m putting my heart back into this year.

I’m not delusional enough to think that they’ve got a decent, or even small, chance of making the playoffs. But their tiny, tiny chance is enough. Better throw your support back to the team now, because IF they get within 3 games of the wildcard by next Sunday, you’ll officially be a bandwagon jumper. If they don’t, you’ve lost nothing; you’ve only rooted for the underdog.

By now, that oughta be familiar.

Go Cubs!