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Some Observations

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I don’t have the strength to put together something coherent about how disappointing the Cubs are right now, and I’m betting that nobody else wants to hear about it anyway. So here, in the tradition of lazy newspaper columns everywhere are some pithy observations disguised as random thoughts:

How dumb am I? You’d think as a Cubs fan I’d know better, but I obviously haven’t learned anything. I look at the Chicago Bears and understand that they have some huge holes: their offensive line is mediocre at best, they’re starting a rookie quarterback and they’ve only got one real wide receiver. But all I can see is that hellacious defense, the bad NFC North and the weak NFC overall and think “man, if they can just get a few lucky bounces…”.

I know rookies don’t get the benefit of the doubt, but the umpires seem to have it in for poor Ronny Cedeno. He got called out at first against the Cards on Wednesday when he was safe by a mile, and was called out again tonight at 3rd on another terrible call. Does he just look slow to umpires or something?

I’ve been watching tonight’s Patriots/Raiders game, and all I can say is that if John Madden really had any input into the Madden video games, then the 2006 version would simply be Madden ’92 with updated player names.

Does anybody else see a trailer for movie and think it looks pretty interesting, and then see that Nicolas Cage is starring in it and immediately decide that it can’t be any good?

A few years back, I used to watch professional wrestling religiously. I remember things like Stone Cold Steve Austin beating the hell out of his boss and flipping the bird on TV, a wrestler named Mark Henry supposedly having an affair with a transvestite and then later an 80 year old woman and Mick Foley rendering his opponents unconscious with his sweat socks. So it was probably a bad sign when I turned RAW on Monday and thought “wow, this has really gone downhill”.

How come everybody at View from the Bleachers gets a vacation but me? I should have read that contract before I signed it.

I can’t believe that FOX brought back “Family Guy” and not “Futurama”.

Earlier this season, Dusty Baker told the newspapers that Aramis Ramirez had an injury that Aramis apparently knew nothing about. Now Baker says that Mark Prior’s leg hurts, but Mark says his leg is fine. Wasn’t Dusty hired because of his ability to communicate with today’s players? Or is trainer Mark O’Neal just having some fun at his manager’s expense?

The Cubs played their last game at Busch Stadium this week. I’ve only been there a few times (and not since college) but I never really liked the place. The Cardinals fans seem to think it was a great venue to watch baseball, but then these are the same people who thought building a giant arch in the most humid city in America would make it a tourist Mecca. But I can’t look down on the Cardinals too much, as they’ve managed to stay one step ahead of the Cubs yet again. I mean, it took our guys nearly 50 years to finally figure out how to win there, and now St. Louis is going to blow the damn thing up.

I can’t resist: Bears 17, Washington 6.