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Vaya con Dios, Todd

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Todd Hollandsworth’s tenure in Cubby blue wasnít all that long but I am going to miss him just the same.

I realize that Iím in the minority here.

Todd Hollandsworth

Some of my favorite articles surrounded this quasi-venerable outfielder. Before joining The View from the Bleachers, when I was a lonely Cubtracker, I had a little fun (scroll down to April 11) at the expense of his fan club

Then one day I got this wild hair that just had to find expression and came up with a song inspired by the legend Neil Diamond that nobody, especially Oscar Wilde, appreciated.

Oh well, I enjoyed it. Tho Todd underperformed this year (joining about 20 other guys in the clubhouse) I always pulled for him. I especially enjoyed Sundayís game, his first start in three weeks or so, and helped spark a great victory over the Marlins. Why the Cubs couldnít hang on to Todd and use him as their premier pinch-hitter, I donít know. Heís a career .300 hitter in that role and his attitude and hustle are a good example for the younger players.

I never liked the Braves very much but they donít suck as much since Ted & Jane left. I just might root for them this year ñ for Toddís sake.