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A fitting homage to the unsung heroes

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Check out, if you haven’t already. Put together by a couple of brothers who are also vendors, this site has a baseball card for (currently) 46 Wrigley vendors, complete with stats (for some), interesting facts (beer vendors include political campaign employees, game developers, former boxers, DJs, actors, comedians, jugglers, and accountants; pretty cool reading!

After looking at it, this site seems like such a natural progression of the experience at the field. I wouldn’t have thought of it, but it seems like there oughta be something like this on! It’d be cool to have the same thing for ushers, concessioneers, ballhawks, and other notables who make the Wrigley Field experience complete.

There are some good stories and a slick and intuitive design; I look forward to their additions to the site. Here’s hoping they add a “Vendor Tales” blog or something to the coming soon page…there’s gotta be some good stuff in their heads.

Looks like the card design itself is inspired by the ’82 Topps cards. Nice.