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Top 10 Fav. Fans (Part 3)

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I know everyone has been waiting in anxious anticipation for the next installment in this series, so I will make you wait no more. Here is # 5 & 6.

# 6 – The Casual Fan
One of the things I cannot stand is being at the game and just about everyone around me is only there because it’s the cool thing to do. Sometimes I wish that the Cubs did not have the privilege of playing their games at a tourist attraction park. It’s annoying the see people who are there and have no knowledge of the team whatsoever, yet call themselves Cub fans. I have no problem with people going and enjoying the ambiance that is tied to Wrigley. Go right ahead and do the tourist thing. However, please do not pretend that you like the team, when the fact is, you really couldn’t name more than 2 players on the team.

Maybe i’m being a little hard about this one, but it just seems that these people take away seats from people who follow the team religiously and would love to be at the game.

# 5 – Yankee Fans
How could I get through this countdown and not mention Yankee fans? As you know, I was able to take in a game last week at Yankee Stadium. I was extremely excited about being at the historic “House that Ruth Built”. After leaving the game, however, I developed an incredible disgust for fans that cheer for the team from the Bronx. Here are some of the things that left me with a sour taste toward Yankee fans.

  • Near the start of the game, the Yankee fans in the bleachers spotted a guy wearing a NY Mets cap. When seeing this, they proceeded to curse him out and call him all sorts of vulgar names, until he finally got up and left the bleachers. What is the point of that? I understand the Mets are a rival, but what the heck did this guy do to these people? Shut up and watch your team instead of focusing on someone in the stands with a Met cap on.
  • Yankee fans proceeded to curse out every White Sox fan in attendance every time the Sox fans clapped or cheered. Sure, you don’t want the team to get beat at home, but is it really necessary to be a jerk to the visitors?
  • All the Yankee fans around me were talking about how they would improve their team if they were in charge. They talked about things like being conservative with spending money and how guys may be too pricey for the team. This made me laugh because the Yankees have a payroll that is the equivalent of like 5 teams combined. What made them over the top annoying though was the fact that they knew nothing about anyone if they didn’t play in NY. The White Sox have the best record in the majors and these guys couldn’t even pronounce half the players names. How could you be talking as if you know what to do as a GM, and then pronounce all the players names wrong?