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Top 10 Fav. Fans (Part 2)

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I apologize for not getting this posted yesterday, but it was the first day back to work after a long summer break. So, without further delay, here is # 7 and 8.

# 8 – The know it all
It seems like just about every game I go to, I sit right next to, in front of, or behind one of these guys. In case you’re not familiar with this type of fan, it’s the only one that comes with his own sidekick. This is the fan that is at the game and persists to talk the entire game as if he was a high up official in one of the teams organizations. He proclaims to his sidekick, who is almost always a complete baseball moron, all this meaningless info that a lot of times is wrong and the sidekick just listens in amazement. Each time I sit by this fan, I am so tempted to begin a banter back and forth to show him up in front of his admiring friend. It’s almost like the desire of guy to show up another guy in front of his hot girlfriend. Each time, I refrain myself and instead, sit in annoyance at yet another of my favorite fans.

# 7 – The Bartman
Before you get your panties in a bunch, no, Steve Bartman is not at each game I attend. However, there are many Bartman’s at each game that affect it each and everyday. It drives me insane when a ball is hit hard down the line and a fan reaches over the fence and snags it while it’s still in play. Can they not see that the umpire just signaled “Fair Ball”? Instead of seeing the play finish itself out, we are left to watch a ground rule double. To make matters worse, these fans are NEVER dealt with by security. In my opinion, if you reach into the field of play and affect a ball that is IN PLAY in any way, you should immediately be ejected from the stadium, no exceptions. It’s impossible to make a mistake on this. Just don’t reach over the fence. If parks will not make that rule, then here is another idea. Put 2 feet of distance between the fans and the wall down the line. This can be done by either removing a row of seats OR by moving the wall in by 2 feet. Both would result in the team losing money (seats) or spending money (wall), but in the end, it would assure that what’s hit in play, stays in play.