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Holy Crap!

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Cubs win!
Is it possible?
Did the Cubs snap their 342 game losing streak?
I told my wife tonight, “I’m actually surprised that they won tonight.” I’m a Cubs apologist at times and a fan all the time, but this season has tried my patience. In this year that Ryne Sandberg became a hall of famer and I reached Walter Payton years of age, it would have been perfect if the Cubs had won the world series. Instead I must content myself with the game that broke yet another losing streak.

I think the Cubs suck for three reasons:
1) The starting pitching suffered too many injuries. This is in large part because Baker/Rothschild pushed the starters too hard and in part because the relief corps didn’t get the job done.
2) No one was on base (especially for Lee). They could have turned AT LEAST 5 losses into wins if he had some Cubs on base when he was up. That goes for the whole lineup. Not enough Cubs on base.
3) The reliable members of the bench consist of the following: Hollandsworth. The rest of the bench includes Macias, Blanco, and Perez. Any time a regular has to sit (apart from LF/RF) the Cubs give up outs from that position. These guys carry no upside and no strategic advantage.

Forget about defense, pitching, Nomar, lackluster play, blah blah blah. The remedies to this team’s ills include fixing the bullpen so that starters don’t have to go 136 pitches at 24 years of age, having a competent player step in for an injured or tired starter, and finding players whose offensive approach is to first try not to make outs. That is what damned this season, which is, even by my lax standards, over. Lackluster play? If nobody’s on base, it’s hard to score. If you can’t score, it’s hard to win. If you get 3 outta 5 pitching outings which are quality you’re doing okay; the Cubs’ pitchers have been, for the most part, delivering that, but the hitters aren’t delivering.

I’m still gonna root for them to win every game and I’m still going to watch. But I am not going to fork over any more money to the Trib for this team.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, and I only schedule that thing once a year, so I’d like to see my Cubs beat the Cards. I hope, but I dare not hold my breath for a two game win streak for fear of suffocation.