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Top 10 Fav. Fans (Part 1)

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As I talked about yesterday, I mentioned that it has grown harder and harder for me to attend professional baseball and sports in general. every time I go to a game, I get so frustrated at the various fans around me. In response, i’d like to share with you some of the most annoying fan personality types I often encounter.

# 10 – Cell Phone Guy/Girl
This is one of the most frustrating fans for me. It’s not so much that they are annoying, but more that they are at the game and could care less about being there, regardless of how intense the game is. This is the person that no matter what the situation is during the game, whether it’s bottom of the 9th and bases loaded or midgame during a blowout, this person is on their cell phone either not paying attention or waiving to the camera behind home plate.

The last time the Cubs played the Cards, it was a tense situation right before Eckstein executed a perfect squeeze bunt to win the game. As he was up, I notice an idiot behind the plate waiving the the camera and talking on her cell phone. People like this should not be allowed in. All they do is buy up tickets so people who care can’t get them.

# 9 – Annoying Kid
I know I probably sound like a jerk for saying that a lot of kids at the ballpark annoy me, but there is a certain kind of kid that fits this rant. It is beyond annoying when a kid is sitting behind you or in front of you and they are being so obnoxious while the parent sits idlely by, doing nothing. Last year, I went to this game in Atlanta. It was a close game, 1-0 until the 9th. The Cubs just could not push across a run, which is the story of the team, and I was getting so frustrated. I was meticulously keeping score in the bleachers. There was a kid in front of me around the age of 10 or so. He had a foam Braves tomahawk that he continuously chopped back and forth. Each time he brought it back, he would hit me in the head as I bent over marking on my scorebook. I politely asked the kid to stop 4 times and each time he kept doing it. Then, he started to tilt his head way back over his seat and bump my pen. The parents could hear me ask the kid to stop. Not once did they do a thing about it.

So there you have the beginning of the countdown. Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of the series.