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August 2005



NYC (Home of Salsa and Site of Bad Baseball)

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When I was a kid, I remember seeing commercials for Pace Picante Salsa. The commercials always featured rough cowboys from Texas enjoying salsa around a camp fire on the open range. The salsa was wonderful until it was revealed that it was made in New York City. At that point, everyone was disgusted at the thought of that location. That’s sort of how it went down for Dave and I this weekend. Here is the rundown of my baseball experience in NY.

Dave and I travel to NY from PA. and arrive at Shae Stadium with about an hour to spare. As we wait for the game to start, the Mets treated us to a terrible quintet of imitation military singers. Once the game got started, Dave and I began to discuss how many homeruns Maddux has been giving up this year. It’s become a forgone conclusion that he’ll give up at least 1 in every start he makes. As far the game goes, you know the story. The Cubs made Jae Seo look like Pedro and the Cubs could not score. It was such a frustrating game.

The game was rescheduled for a night game, so Dave could not go. Instead, my wife went with me to see what I hoped was a fired up team behind Carlos Zambrano. Instead, I grew more and more frustrated with the Cubs team. This game they made Victor Zambrano look like Pedro and only managed a measly run. It was so disgusting, we left after the Floyd homerun in the bottom of the 7th. One the bright side, the train ride home was not as packed as it was the day before.

With the Cubs out of town, it was time to head to Yankee Stadium to see the White Sox play. I know a lot of people hate the White Sox, and that is fine. As for me, I’ve never really hated them. Sure, I cheer for the Cubs to do better than them, but nothing in me hates them like most in Chicago. There are plenty of teams that I hate (NYY, NYM, STL, HOU, BOS), but the White Sox are not one of them. So, I went to Yankee Stadium cheering for the Sox. If it was not for the rain and the obnoxious Yankee fans, the game would have been great.

Three games in NY. Three losses in NY. It truly is the Home of Salsa and the Site of Bad Baseball.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a piece on NY fans and annoying fans in general.