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August 2005




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Since I am still on vacation in Chicago, my time to write is limited. I figured I would take a few minutes to chime in with my opinion on the Matt Lawton deal. It’s certainly not the blockbuster deal we have gotten used to the past 2 years. However, this is a smart trade for the Cubs. They have needed a legit leadoff hitter in the lineup and Lawton can be just that for the Cubs. Some have said that Hendry should have been more active and act as if trading is something that happens with the snap of a finger. However, just because you can trade Vlad for Pujols in your fantasy league, doesn’t mean that it’s an easy process in real life. This year, the market just wasn’t a market conducive to trading big name players. When I was talking to my friend Rob at church, I told him that no big names were going to be moved before deadline. As the clock struck 3, I found that that was indeed the case. With that being said, I think Hendry did the best he could with what was available.

As you might remember, I had said that Lawton would be a good name for this team to get. This was before the emergence of Matt Murton. Now, the Cubs will be forced to determine where everyone fits in out in the outfield. My best guess is that Dusty will play Lawton in left and keep Hairston in CF. However, I think that Murton should get the shot in LF with Lawton playing CF, if he’s comfortable. If not, Burnitz can shift to CF with Lawton playing RF.

On Friday, Nomar will be activated and provide a fairly solid number 2 hitter behind Lawton. With those 2 at the top, there should be a significant upgrade at the top of the order. I think that if the Cubs, if they take their head out of their butt and play like they are capable of playing, there is no team in the Wild Card race that is better than the Cubs. It’s in their hands, despite being back 4 games as of today. The Cubs have the most talent, so now it’s just a matter of what they do with it.

Update: Just a quick note to the readers. I am not able to spell check this post so a most sincere “I’m Sorry” goes out to all who get annoyed by spelling errors.