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July 2005



Making the Admiral Proud

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Conor Jackson got his first rbi today, his first two hits and the one in the eighth turned out to be the game winner in his first big league start. I am sure Admiral A. J. Chegwidden would be mighty proud, but no more proud than John M. Jackson, Conorís father, who portrayed the Judge Advocate General for nine seasons on the highly acclaimed series, JAG. Nice picture of father and son, don’t you think?


Many will predictably pounce with glee on Neifi, Hollandsworth and Macias for failing to produce the heroics in the ninth but if the truth be told, the game was lost in the 6th when D. Lee killed a rally by getting thrown out attempting to steal third and when Ramirez, nursing a sore quad, couldnít score from first on a double.

Even Matt Murton proved to be human after all, looking like the rookie he is with the bases loaded and two outs. Up til now he has showed tremendous poise and a good eye at the plate.

Not this time.

The Cubs only chance is for the 3 returnees (Nomar, Williamson and Wood) to energize this club and do what Houston has done the last two years, go on an unconscious string of 15 out of 20 or something like that. Otherwise itís time to think about what free agents we want to pick up for next year.

Johnny Damon, anyone?