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Soriano In The Future?

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As I sit here on vacation in Chicago, I think back to last year on July 31st when I heard that the Cubs had acquired Nomar for next to nothing. I was sitting on my couch watching the Yankees game end, and listening to the studio hosts break down the deals. All of a sudden, they received a breaking news note that was so unbelievable that Jenie Zalasko could not even read it. She handed it to the other guy in the studio and he read that the Cubs got Nomar in a three team deal. I leaped off the couch and immediately called Dave, who of course was not home because he has a life. Looking back, the three team deal can be broken down and evaluated in any number of ways. In the end, the trade was a huge success with the fans, especially me.

This year, the Cubs are in hot pursuit of yet another big name, this time for the outfield. For some reason though, I don’t know that i’ll be as excited this time around. This year, the Cubs have Matt Murton who, although he is a rookie, is playing out of his mind so far in limited at bats. I understand that rookies are a crap shoot, especially down the stretch. The Cubs want to get an impact bat like Alphonso Soriano or Austin Kearns. The Sun Times reported today that the Cubs had stepped up their pursuit of Soriano and that pitching would be the cost. Would Soriano help this club? Yes, of course he would. But is it worth wasting Matt Murton on the bench? I think the problem that most needs to be addressed is the same problem that needed to be addressed at the start of the season. The Cubs bullpen is still horrid and makes me nervous every time the starter leaves with the lead.

If tomorrow, I am sitting on my couch again watching the baseball game and hear that the Cubs have acquired a big name bat, I will again leap for joy. This time, it better include a top notch middle reliever as a side note though.