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July 2005



Pointing out the obvious for Dusty Baker

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Just some things I’d like to point out to our fearless leader:

Jerome Williams seems to become ineffective after throwing 100 pitches. Consider taking him out before he throws 120.

I know he’s young, but I think that Matt Murton could probably handle getting 4 at-bats in one game. There’s no need to lift him for a pinch hitter at every opportunity. And feel free to bat him higher than 8th.

Down by 3 in the 6th inning is not the time to bunt a runner over and play for one run.

Gene Clines, Gary Matthews and yourself all have experience as hitting coaches in the major leagues. Between the three of you, I think somebody should be able to explain the concept of the sacrifice fly to the team.

I know Joe harped on this the other day, but if you are so anxious to bunt runners to second or third, why not take the next logical step and attempt a squeeze play?

Players sometimes do stupid things. You don’t have to publicly rip them for it, but you also don’t have to try and rationalize their stupidity to the rest of us, either.

Again with the bunting. Here’s another tip, if you keep ordering Jeromy Burnitz to bunt in front of Aramis Ramirez, opposing teams are going to keep walking Aramis.

You do not have to double switch every time you change pitchers. Really. There’s no rule that says that.

Ask your players, if it’s not too much trouble, if they could please hustle, even on what appear to be routine pop flies. Sometimes those do drop in, and this team needs to take every extra base it can.

Remember in 2003 when you buried Mark Bellhorn on the bench, essentially forcing Jim Hendry to trade him? Could you try that with Jose Macias?