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July 2005



A Thank-You Note

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For once, Dusty’s ridiculous Aramis-batting-fifth, alternating lefty-righty lineup paid off, but only because he was up against an opposing manager who made even more ridiculous alternating lefty-righty pitching changes. The bottom of the eighth inning lasted a whopping twenty-three minutes from first pitch to last out, with Felipe Alou trotting out a staggering FIVE different relivers involving TWO double switches. The inning ended with the fifth reliever giving up a hit that scored a runner put on base by the first reliever – oy. I think I heard Al Yellon breaking his pencil in frustration out in the bleachers trying to figure out the scorecard on that one.

I think the real reason for all the pitching changes was to trick the Cubs fans watching at home into thinking the game was in San Francisco. Hey, if they can’t start at 9:00 PM Central, might as well try to make the game drag on until midnight anyway.

Really, what was Alou thinking on this one? It’s a one-run game — if the game becomes tied (which thanks to Neifi!, it was), the Giants stand no chance in extra innings with a depleted bullpen.

And then in the ninth, inexplicably, he replaced his CLOSER with a 4.00+ ERA lefty, who right on cue, gave up the game winning sac fly to Jeromy Burnitz. It’s almost like he realized that his bullpen was depleted and figured he should just get the game over with and let the Cubs win.

The platoon differential is real, but sometimes you should just leave the better pitcher out there.

Jeromy Burnitz was asked after the game about all the pitching changes:

It’s not my job to evaluate the pitching moves, but [I’m] just glad he brought the guy in to give me something to hit to center field.

We’re all glad. Thanks, Mr. Alou.