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July 2005



Growing Weary of ESPN

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When Ken Burns released his documentary on the history of Baseball back in the 90ís, I remember being left with mixed feelings. On the one hand it was a genuine epic look at Americaís pastime. The photography, the music, the essence and feel of it rivaled Burnsí other masterpiece, The Civil War, in my opinion.

And yet, by the end I felt somewhat hollow by the sheer one-sidedness, the unapologetic lovefest for all things Yankees. I had taped the entire series, but in the end I gave my tapes to a friend who probably enjoyed them more than I.

As I seek to feed my insatiable hunger for baseball night after night thru the games themselves or Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight, and even analysis from Around the Horn, I find myself with similar frustrations toward ESPN. I get so tired of their obvious American League East bias I donít know what to do. No matter what other games are on the itinerary, the Yanks-Red Sox series gets first dibs. And when these two clubs arenít paired off, itís onto other match-ups, like last nightís Yanks-Rangers contest. I mean, wereít these two teams featured on Monday night as well?

There were other games I would have rather seen. The Twins-Orioles game featured two potential playoff teams and with Rafaelís recent milestone (and hot bat to boot) the game held much more interest than the one that was shown.

And what about some attention to the two clubs with the best record in baseball? Being a Cubs fan, I understand why Iím supposed to despise the White Sox but I cannot help but feel sorry for their Rodney Dangerfield status this year. Ditto for the Cardinals. Again, by law I cannot root for them but they are more deserving of consideration than the Yankees.

Given this blatant sucking up to all things Yankees, I finally figured out what ESPN stands for: Every Steinbrennerís Player Network.

Oh, you think you can do better? Fine, your turn.