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So Long Mr. DuBois

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Well, I have gone on record as saying that Jason DuBois’ future was probably with an American League team(out on a limb, I know), and as of tonight, his future will be with Cleveland. The Cubs shipped DuBois to the Indians for Jody Gerut (read about that here). Looking at his career, Gerut had a good rookie season, batting .279/.336 with 22 homers. His batting average was a bit lower (.252) in 2004, but if we’re looking for silver linings, he raised his walk total and lowered his strikeouts. He tore his ACL late last season, so he only returned in the middle of May this year (which seems to me like a fairly quick turn around from that type of injury). Gerut is off to a pretty good start in ’05 hitting .275/.357, although his slugging is very low (.377), and most of that production came during a hot May.

This doesn’t appear to be move that does anything for the Cubs in 2005. Gerut is a decent, young outfielder, but I doubt that he’s fully recovered from his ACL injury. I’m not sure what the Cubs immediate plans are, but right now it looks like Jody will be sent to AAA, unless the Cubs decide to go with 11 pitchers, in which case he’d be a reserve. Beyond that, he’ll likely get a shot at winning a starting or reserve outfield spot on the 2006 club.

To me the trade represents an interesting change in philosophy for the Cubs. Their offense has been dependent on power hitters for the last few years, and they now appear to be trying to move to a more diversified attack. DuBois was the Cubs best power hitting prospect, and he’s now been traded for a line drive, gap-to-gap hitter, who is proficient at working the count. This move coupled with the promotions of Murton and Greenberg, and the demotion of Patterson shows that Jim Hendry may be serious about obtaining more players who are willing to take pitches, walk when they can, and are not strikeout prone. I for one, hope that this is the case.