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June 2005



Thatís Corey with a ìCî

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For a plethora of reasons, Iíve always pulled for the underdog. A Cub fan for 36 years is enough to do that to a man, but I have other issues which are irrelevant to this discussion so I wonít bore you with that ñ for now.

Let’s see. First it was Neifi. Then he began to hit. Then it was LaTroy. But then he was traded. So then Cubdom began searching for a new target for their angst and lo and behold, Corey Patterson was thus anointed the Next Whipping Boy. Isnít it time to give it a rest?


Oh, by the way, that is Corey with a ìCî not Korey or KKKKKKorey as Iíve seen from time to time.

C as in Clobber. Understandably Prior got credit for the masterpiece he threw Sunday but lost in the hoopla was Coreyís game-winning home run.

C as in Catch. Zambrano and Lee were the stars in last nightís victory over the Brewers but lost to too many was the game-saving catch and toss to Neifi to complete a wonderful double play that snuffed out a rally. Even Baseball Tonight missed it. They showed the replay but snubbed it as a Web Gem nominee. Yea, I stayed up after the NBA Draft just to see if they would include it. Other than Nick Torsell from Behind The Ivy and a smaller bouquet from Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue I havenít seen much positive written about Mr. Patterson. If I missed yours leave it in the comments, who has time to read 60 blogs a day? Lingering Bursitis chose to pound away on the relentless drumbeat of Coreyís hitting woes than even mention how he contributed to the win with his glove. Then again, they got all their info from a box score and since they don’t have a category for sensational game saving catch, perhaps Bursitis should get a pass. Hmmm. Naahhhh.

C as in Class. Iíve seen Corey interviewed a couple of times recently and he always handles himself with dignity, humility and poise. Given his struggles and the fansí continual cascade of criticism, Corey has earned my respect.

C as in Come on already, give the guy a break. Take all your Kís and save them for Kerry Wood.