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June 2005



Thru Cub Eyes: Jody Davis

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I can still hear the crowd chanting, 40,000 voices in unison; “Jo-dee, Jo-dee, Jo-dee.” He was one of the Cubsí most popular players in the mid 80ís. And Harryís parody of the Davy Crockett song didnít hurt, either. This excerpt is from Carrie Muskatís compilation Banks to Sandberg to Grace. Look for it. Makes a great gift for that special Cub fan in your life!


Honestly, the day games never bothered me. When I came out of the minor leagues, I came up with Chicago, so as a rookie, you just got used to it and thatís the way it was. In the eight years here, I never even thought about itÖ. In fact, I kind of liked them when I was here. I would rather get up and go to play. Thatís the mind-set that I had.

The thing I remember the most about í84 was the way the whole 25-man team came together. There was nobody who had an attitude, there was nobody out there playing for themselves. It was 25 guys trying to win a game every day.

I couldnít say a favorite pitcher. Sut was so good in í84. as a team, we pretty much knew we were going to win that day. There were so many individual moments of the í84 season and it was always somebody different. It was Sandbergís home runs off Sutter, and Sutcliffe wins 16 in a row, and Gary Matthews, the things he did and Bob Dernier. Every day it was somebody different. When we got in losing streaks late in the season there, Steve Trout came up and won nearly every game he pitched.

I heard ëem [chanting]. Thereís no way to not hear that. You canít imagine. It was great. It definitely got me fired up. Youíve got to relate to a crowd. When you get in a situation in a game, your concentration has to be at its highest level.

The one grand slam I hit, they were walking Ron Cey intentionally ahead of me and they were chanting it while Ron Cey was still hitting. You got to hear that ñ youíre on deck. It was just unbelievable.

I grew up 50 miles from Atlanta and the Braves and played two years for them, and still to this day Iíve never felt I was a Brave. I guess Iíll go down as a Cub.