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June 2005



Buying or Selling Conventional Wisdom

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No sooner than Chris Trojaís Triple Crown post yesterday (once again, proving to be on the utter cusp of public discourse), the Around The Horn producers prompted their panelists to pontificate on the possibilities of Derreck Lee procuring the prize. In case you missed it, here is that discussion.

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Tony Reali: Next up, D-Lee and his dee-licious stats. Another game, another home run for the Cubs first baseman. For the season, hitting .390, with 20 homers and 60 rbiís, good for first in all of the Triple Crown categories. Guys, buy or sell a Triple Crown year for Derreck Lee.


Jay Mariotti: Why, Iím gonna sell that. First of all, this has been a phenomenal run for Lee and heís a great guy as well. Hereís the problem, Reali, he may win the batting title, he has a 60 point lead. But home runs, Pujols is right there, rbiís, Carlos Lee and Pujols are right there. The Cubs just donít have the line-up to allow Lee to win an rbi race. So Iím gonna sell that.


Woody Paige: Jay, Iím a nice guy, too. Iím not going to win the Triple Crown and neither is Lee. Thereís not a chance heíll win the Triple Crown. Itís not something thatís done every decade or even every 25 or 30 years in Major League Baseball. Youíve got Pujols who going to pass him in home runs and with rbiís in that strong St. Louis club.


Michael Smith: Iím gonna sell this as well. Weíve had a Triple Crown in horse racing more recently than weíve had a Triple Crown winner in baseball. Itís probably the hardest thing to do in all of sports. Heís a great guy and a great year but heís not going to do it.


Bill Plaschke: Iím going to sell this since itís been 38 years since Yaz did it. Thirty-six guys have gotten 2 out of 3 since then but itís too hard to get all three because of the whole way the game is structured now. If Lee keeps his batting average up, heís not going to get the home runs or the rbiís because he has to hit to move the runners along. Itís all about the team these days. Itís a whole different world now. No way.

Readers, Buy or Sell the conventional wisdom of this panel of prognosticators.