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The Best 2-6 Pitcher in Baseball

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On May 4, just a week or so before joining The View team, I wrote a piece on CubTracker gushing over Victor Santos, tonightís Brewer starter. I feel stronger now than I did then. He has to be a most frustrated ballplayer. It is downright criminal that his record is 2-6. It should be more like 7-3.


Vic has started 13 games this season. If a Quality Start is a game in which the starter pitches 6 or more innings and allows 3 or fewer earned runs like it says in Sports Mogul Inc. then Vic has nine quality starts out of his 15 starts. Very impressive. How many Cubs have nine quality starts this year? Give up?

One Cub pitcher, the one named Maddux. With a stable effort last night Greg earned his ninth quality start. And he left with the lead.

Carlos has eight, oooh, so close.

Mark Prior is the most proficient with seven out of nine starts defined ìquality.î

Glendon has five QS out of nine attempts.

Before being tagged as the official closer of this team, Ryan Dempster started six times, four for quality.

Half of Sergioís six starts qualify.

Kerry Wood has five starts. Any guesses how many are quality? zip, none, nada

Ditto for John Koronkaís three starts and Jon Leicesterís single attempt.

Poor Victor Santos. He deserves better. His earned run avg. of 2.87 is nothing short of amazing. Good enough for ninth in the NL. Jon Garland, 11-2 for the White Sox? Tied with Vic with nine QS and his era is 3.61.

The Astrosí Andy Pettitte is about the only one who can empathize with Santos. Andy is 3-7 with 10 QS. The leader with 13 QS is Mark Redman of the Pirates and he is just 4-4, so he might be feeling a bit frustrated as well.

So what am I saying? A couple of things. Victor Santos should be selected by Tony LaRussa to represent the Brewers in the All Star game. And after tonight, I hope Vic wins the rest of his starts. What I would really like, as I have stated before, is to see Victor Santos in Cubby Blue. Santos