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June 2005



Not Yet a Dunn Deal (but it could be!)

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Havenít written much this week but I have left a lot of comments on other peopleís posts. So much speculation on possible trades, it can get wearisome. And everyone seems to be an expert these days on what the Cubs should do to improve the club. Well, my opinion is worth about as much as the next guyís so here we go.

I want to limit my analysis to the outfield and the prospect of picking up a player from the Reds. Earlier today Joe already dealt with this but my observations seem too long for the comments section and I’m tired of doing that. Time to stand on my own.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the fascination over Austin Kearns. It reminds me of the fervor over Jason Dubois. I just donít get it.

My personal choice would be Adam Dunn or even Wily Mo Pena (the best name in baseball this side of Coco Crisp.) and it basically comes down to stats. How else should we evaluate? I primarily look at OPS and career production at Wrigley because half of their games will be played there and I want someone who can execute at home. Of the three Reds supposedly avalable, here are their Wrigley stats by order of at bats, batting avg. and ops.
Adam Dunn 115 .330 1.172
Wily Mo Pena 32 .313 .983
Austin Kearns 62 .226 .964

Now, comparing on base pct for all games in 2005:
Dunn .404
Pena .315
Kearns .306

Patterson .294
Hollandsworth .316
Dubois .302

I also like the fact that Adam Dunn, tho striking out a lot, also has walked 50 times and hit into but a single double play this year. In 3 games at Wrigley this year Adam shined by hitting .417, 2 homers and 6 rbiís.

Remember that series? So do I.