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It’s gonna happen

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I just know it is. The Cubs are going to get Adam Dunn or Austin Kearns, and my money is on Kearns. I would be willing to bet serious money that this is going to happen, and happen soon. This comes from the Dayton Daily News today.

Dunn unhappy

Adam Dunn was given another day off Friday, and he was about as happy as he was for his last day off June 3 in Colorado. That time, he didn’t complain because he wasn’t hitting well.

Now he is vocal about it after hitting a 455-foot homer Thursday.

“I don’t know why I’m off,” he said. “And, of course, they didn’t tell me Thursday — that would be too easy, they waited until today (Friday) when my mom and dad are here for the games.

“I found something working with Chris Chambliss in the batting cage Thursday,” Dunn added. “That’s the way it usually happens for me. Something snaps into place and I say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s it,’ then I’m able to take it into batting practice and into games.”

Asked what would have happened if he had hit a 500-foot homer, Dunn said, “I probably would have gotten two days off.”

Kearns unhappy

Dunn and Austin Kearns have talked often via cellphone since Kearns was demoted last week to Class AAA Louisville. Dunn misses his friend and lockermate.

“I hate it without him,” Dunn said. “All they’re doing is seeing if they can break his confidence, then they’ll want him to start from scratch. He is finally fed up and said he is just waiting to see what happens, knowing if they don’t want him, he can go somewhere else and play every day — like Atlanta, Washington, the Chicago Cubs.

“When that happens, I know what will happen … he’ll hit .325 with 20 homers and 100 RBIs.”

Personally, I think the Reds would be stupid to give up and trade either of them, but if Hendry is ready, like he was when the Pirates were stupid and unloaded A-Ram, I think Kearns will explode. If he stays in AAA and then comes to Chicago, he will be so ready to prove that he was not a bust. He’ll be focused and the Cubs will reap the benefits.

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