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Say What?

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How’s this for bizzare: current standings for 2005 National League All-Star Voting.

* 1st Base: Albert Pujols leads Derrek Lee by several hundred thousand votes…quite a tragedy…it’d be a real shame if the Triple Crown Leader doesn’t make the all-star team.
* Shortstop: Nomar leads the shortstop category…do the fans want to see him hobble onto the field, wave to the fans, and then ride the bench?
* Outfield: Bobby Abreu is sixth in among outfielders…speed? power? Who needs Abreu, we’ve got Junior Griffey!

And despite the best work of the Cubs Blog Army, Neifi! appears nowhere in the standings.

Raise your hand if you think the best (and non-DL) players will be starters in the All-Star Game.