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Don’t Blame Len and Bob

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This year, I have been reading the WGN Blog off and on. It’s kind of hard to forget about it, seeing as they mention it at least 5 times every broadcast. If they do not have the most hits in the CBA, I don’t think there is any hope for them. What has bugged me recently is the idiot readers they have. It’s either completely clueless girls who complain that Len and Bob are picking on poor, innocent bat boys, who just so happen to be the equipment manager. Or, it’s comments like the following:

Len and Bob,

I don’t like your broadcast at all. So far today i’ve heard.

1. It’s ok for Corey Patterson to strike out a lot, because thats what he’s always done, and he can’t learn.
2. It’s tough facing a struggling team, because they are sure to turn it around. Thats garbage Bob. If it was a hot team beating us, you’d be saying, “Well there hot, what can you do”

You guys toe the company line to an extreme. Keep telling us stories about the equipment manager and Len’s music group. I dont know about anyone else, but I don’t care.
I want to know why Dusty cant manage a bullpen, and why our hitters never work the count.

At least Steve Stone told us the truth.
You guys are just fluff.

First, how can you go to someone’s site and be THAT rude? I find it funny that this idiot could type that stuff out on the computer, but would he have the balls to say it right to Brenly’s face? I don’t think he would. No matter what people say about Len and Bob’s broadcast, they are there to promote the team. It is there job to make the broadcast a happy one no matter how many the Cubs are ahead or behind. If they fail at that, people turn the game off, and sponsors do not want to advertise. It’s a business guys, when will people wake up and see that? Stop being so critical of a broadcaster. If you were in their position, which is one of the best in the business, you would be promoting the crap out of the Cubs as well. If not, they would find someone else who would. They are just doing what they are paid to do. Get off their back people.