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Top 5 Reasons to NOT be upset and panic

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Well, I have to admit that I was bummed about seeing Prior get rocked by that line drive. I, like most people, panicked and thought horrible thoughts. However, the more I rolled it around my mind, the more I became OK with the situation. I know it seeps absurd, but I am honestly fine with it. So, to help ease your pain, I’d like to present my Top 5 Reasons to NOT be upset, from the home offices in do me, NC.

5. No Offense, but it’s the offense that is the problem, not the pitching.

I tried to use a lame pun there, but it’s the truth. The fact of the matter is, it’s not that pitching was our problem. Our problem was and is our offense. It’s nonexistant to this point. If it would have been someone like Derrick Lee going down, I would have been much more upset. If it HAD to be someone, I can live with it being a pitcher instead of one of our few producing hitters. Take heart in that.

4. We have a great amount of SP depth

Coming in to this year, we were once again at or near the top of the list for SP. We have great talent at the position with more to spare. Without Prior, we have Zambrano, Maddux, Rusch, Dempster, Mitre, Raul Valdez, Bobby Brownlie, Todd Wellemeyer, etc all of who are capable of doing the job for us. Plus, in a month or so, Woody comes back. We’re OK in this department, no matter what anyone says.

3. It’s not like we were playing well to begin with

I would be very upset if we were dominating this year and then had this happened. However, this team has sputtered out of the gate and hadn’t looked that promising. Prior had been pitching lights out and what had it gotten us? Not much. So, until the team decides that it’s time to play like they’re capable of playing, losing Prior is not going to make that big of a difference.

2. We could get closer to losing Dusty

Look on the bright side. If this team REALLY tanks it now, the reverend could be gone by the end of the year. That’s got to give everyone some bit of hope. I know it does to me. We just need something to spark this team, and I am positive that a manager change would do it. I’d really love to see the Cubs pull Brenly from the booth and put him the manager’s seat. The last few games, he’s been dead on in identifying the team’s problem. They are not seeing enough pitches and are trying to hard to make something happen. They need to relax, take some pitches, and get something to drive. Instead, the Cubs are swinging at everything they see. They flashed a graphic on the screen in the game yesterday that showed there were 3 Cubs in the top five for swinging at the 1st pitch. Patterson, Dubois and Barrett all hover around the 50% of the time mark. That’s a major problem in my eyes.

1. You had to know an injury was coming.

When have we NOT gotten hit by the injury bug? You had to be expecting it sometime.