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Hey guys, I have a golf tournament today so unless my fellow writers feel compelled to jot a positive note down for you, I want to draw your attention to a couple articles in today’s newspaper.


That said, they cannot possibly be this bad, a view shared by Tribune Co. execs who warily approved the club’s first $100 million payroll. They are playing like a Dead Team Walking largely because Baker is moping around like a Dead Manager Walking. Is it me, or is he acting like someone who doesn’t want the gig much longer, a man weary of Wrigleyville’s 97-year burden and the reality that his best chance to break through vanished on a wicked October night in 2003? His energy level and toothpick quotient have dropped significantly since the collapses of the last two autumns, and while I won’t accuse him of quitting like Sammy Sosa, I will submit that $3.5 million a year is an obscenely high price for complacency. There is a school of thought that the Tribsters never would fire Baker and eat his salary before his contract expires after next season, but when a franchise has employed 14 skippers in 25 years of ownership, you come to realize anything is possible when the bosses are identifying scapegoats.


Cubs manager Dusty Baker wants to make sure his team doesn’t try to make up all the lost ground in too big of a hurry.

“You’ve got to do the slow walk,” Baker said. “If you keep winning series, you’ll slow walk. You go seven, six, five, four — next thing you know, hopefully, they see the whites of our eyes and we are right up on ’em.”

All in all, it’s not looking good for the Reverend and this team right now. They are playing like they forgot to put down the emergency brake. It’s causing them to just sputter and go very very slow. Someone needs to figure it out VERY SOON!!!!!